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Business and Human Rights Coopers!

We are experts in business and human rights with a mission to facilitate business compliance with human rights in Africa. We conduct research, training and advocacy on human rights issues in business contexts, specialising in integrating human rights principles and practices into the core areas of business management and to resolve conflicting interests. The core areas are depicted pictorially below. Because we understand what human rights law means to the specific functional areas of business management, we reach the core of business decision-making on human rights matters, are better prepared to decipher why businesses take specific decisions that impact on human rights and are better able to determine when and how to hold them accountable for human rights abuses. We are also better able to identify and resolve conflicting interests without undermining business development or respect for human rights. We train a broad spectrum of actors including state agencies, regulators, investors and NGOs to objectively assess business performances with respect to human rights and to determine when and how to hold them legally accountable for human rights abuses and to make regulatory intervention. 


Business Brainstorm

Capital Attraction and Human Rights
We research and analyse human rights law in investment contexts and help businesses to resolve conflicts between human rights and business strategies for capital attraction. 

Gazing Out the Window

Employee Relations and Human Rights
We analyse human rights in employee relations, including allocation of tasks and resources, contracts, promotion and redundancies, and to identify and resolve conflicting standards to avoid discrimination in such contexts. 

Professional Applause

Corporate Reputation and Human Rights
One important asset of business is reputation. Businesses therefore adopt special strategies to attract and retain good reputation, but some of those strategies conflict with human rights. We resolve such conflicting interests in contexts of reputation management.  

 Scales of Justice

Regulatory Gaps and Human Rights
Businesses, especially multinationals operate in different contexts and face different domestic laws with diverse implications for compliance with human rights. We help them to identify gaps between domestic laws and international standards and how to adjust their policies.

Dollar Bill in Jar

Profit Maximisation and Human Rights
We analyse human rights law specifically in light of business strategies for profit-maximisation and help businesses to identify and balance conflicting interests.  

Reaching a Deal

Customer Attraction and Human Rights 
Businesses adopt special managerial strategies to attract and retain customers, but some of such strategies may conflict with human rights. We help them to analyse and resolve conflicting interests specifically in such contexts. 

Business Meeting

Operational Efficiency and Human Rights
Businesses strive to perfect what they do, and they need to be efficient and achieve results to stay in business. They therefore adopt special strategies to enhance operational efficiency, some of which conflict with human rights. We help them to resolve conflicting interests in such contexts.

Brainstorm to Success

Intellectual Property and Human Rights
Businesses have legitimate needs to protect intellectual property. Innovations and inventions are important for their advancement and profitability, but some strategies for protecting intellectual property conflict with human rights. We help to identify and resolve such conflicting interests. 

Industrial Sectors

Our services are relevant for all businesses including the Mining Industry, the Oil and Gas Industry, the Food Industry, Agri-Businesses, Banking and Finance, Technology and Communication, Clothing Industry, Aviation and other Transport Services. 

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