Associate Professor of Law and Governance,  

Wageningen University, Netherlands.


Special Advisor/ Consultant

(Business &Human Rights Law)

Nadia Bernaz

 Doctor of Law

Special Advisor/Consultant

(Human Rights, Privacy & Security)

Stephen Karanja

 Master of International Law


 (Environment, Information & Technology) 

Alfredova Snejina

 Doctor of Business Administration



Expert Analyst

(Business Policies & Strategies)

Robert Azuayi

 Associate  Professor, Østfold University College


(Minority/Indeginous Rights & Children's Rights )

Hadi Strømmen Lile

 Doctor of Philosophy


  Associate Consultant 

 (Human Rights & Religion)

Clement Kadogbe


 Doctor of Law

 Expert Analyst 

(Business &Human Rights)

Abraham Afrim-Narh

Master of Philosophy in International Relations   



Research Associate

Emmanuel Kpeglah 


Bhric has agreements with a host of other experts inclduing professors and specialists in business and human rights to undertake specific assignments in their fields of expertise. 


   Tel:     +47- 91379730,  +44-7898851988

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