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We are a non-profit organisation and our mission is help businesses to minimise their negative impacts on the lives of people.  We therefore welcome sponsorships by government agencies, funds, businesses, individuals and any organisations that are interested in facilitating business compliance with human rights. We welcome regular funding such as fixed annual donations. Such sponsors may list us as recipients of their social responsibility packages. Please send expression of  interest to and



We also welcome non-fixed donations in any amount. You may DONATE directly to us or send expression of interests to us. Please note that we do not accept sponsorships or donations from actors that engage in terrorist, criminal or other activities that constitute human rights abuses.  Our team will verify all donations.  



Consultancies, state agencies, investors, businesses and other actors in Norway and abroad may contract or sub-contract us to solve human rights problems for them. Any income recieved from such assignments will be used in support of our mission. Send your expression of  interest to and   

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