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Businesses Operating in Africa

​National, multinational, large and medium-scale business enterprise operating in Africa may invite us to analyse specific human rights problems for them. We analyse issues before, during and after commencement of business projects, and we organise staff training on human rights issues. Please send your invitations to and a representative will contact you to plan for site visitation, data collection and case analyses. 

African States

We help African countries to develop National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights and advise on business and human rights regulatory matters. Please send request for assignments to

Other Stakeholders

Government agencies, investors, funds, businesses and other actors in Norway and other countries may contract or sub-contract us for  human rights analyses to raise funds to promote our mission.

Experts/Advisors/Business Managers/Lawyers

If you have expertise in business and human rights and want to partner us, please contact us at 


Researchers/Research Institutions

We welcome researchers and research institutions to collaborate with us for cutting-edge research on business and human rights. Please send expression of interests to

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